Simply the Best

We had the pleasure of working with Danielle to purchase our first home. We had originally met Danielle through our Birth class over 1 year ago and remained friends ever since. We recently decided with the increasing rent prices in downtown Denver that we wanted to buy and move to an area that was more family friendly. I remembered Danielle mentioning that she was a Realtor in our class and it worked out perfectly. She was so professional and resourceful when it came to navigating this tough market that it made an otherwise challenging buying situation an easy and seamless one. Once we found the house we loved Danielle recommended that we write a letter and appeal to the seller. We actually even sent a picture of our son with the letter- and not only did it work, we got the contract not even being the highest bidder! It was pretty amazing and meant to be! When it came to the paperwork, inspection and other little hiccups in the process, Danielle was so quick and prompt at stomping out and solving every issue we had. We were so lucky to find her and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy a house in the Denver area. With the insanity of the market out there we wouldn’t have survived without her. She is simply the best!!

— Maggie D